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Usman vs Masvidal 2 is coming! And well now they both have full camps Masvidal said the last time he wasn’t able to fight at his full strength.
The last time Usman just went in and pressured Masvidal outwrestled him and stomb his foot! Like a thousand times!
Maybe the UFC needs to give the foot of Usman a belt.

All jokes aside let’s analyze the fight.
What can Masvidal do to win the fight against Usman he can try to deny all the pressure from Usman by countering him hard.
While trying not to gas out and mentain his composure instead of trying to trow everything with 100% power.
Maybe some BJJ submissions at least trying to something to escape.
The last time  Masvidal was is pretty good shape he threw some kicks denied a lot of takedowns.

Usman’s gameplan is like khabib’s pressure and make him tired because it’s 5 rounds baby.
Masvidal will be on the backfoot and will be getting caught with some shots and constant pressure.
I truly believe that Usman will be one of the GOATS his wrestling is unbelievable his pressure is unmatched in his division.
When he fought Gillbert i thought oh wow i think Gillbert can cause some problems but no he made it look easy.

To be honest i don’t know who can challenge Usman maybe only Colby if he works on his standup.
However you can never count out Masvidal he can ko you anytime with a flying knee or something.
But i think that this fight will be the same as the last one.
Masvidal will be pressured outwrestled he will be on the cage for 70% of the fight.
Masvidal will be tired every round will cause Masvidal to be more and more tired.


Prediction: USMAN 60%

i think masvidal will try to throw kicks to the belly and go hard but i think Usman will take those shots well and pressure Masvidal.
Probably a decision again…


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