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cryptoskull is it a great bitcoin casino or is it something fake and not worth playing at?
The question is more if you consider it a casino? Because the only game they have is a kind of minesweeper game.
This is a ideal casino for players who have some bitcoin to spare let’s say if you have a small amount of bitcoin and it’s just laying around you can then choose to or let it stay in your wallet or you are going to use it in cryposkull and have a chance to make it a bigger number.


No deposit bonuses

If you are looking for bonuses this casino/game is not using that kind of marketing strategy for their casino. If you want another bitcoin casino i suggest king billy or anything else because these guys don’t offer welcome bonuses or things like that.



What kind of games do they have? Well, one game to be exact and it’s not a bad one.



The only support cryptoskull has is a Tawk.to page you can talk to them with live chat.
This is mainly a free web app this software can make live chat possible/kowledge bases, even team chats.


It’s not a full casino with 200+ games but if you have some spare bitcoin or litecoin i suggest you to play here it’s not a bad casino.
It’s also not the best one out there but a well also even if they don’t have a casino license they do have great reviews.
That’s why i gave them a 3 star rating if they get a legit license the star rating will go up ofcourse.
But you can always try it out with low amounts to checkout if this is worth your time.

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3.8 rating
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4.0 rating
3.8 rating
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3.8 rating
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