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There is not much known about weclub88 I can’t see a license at all even they claim they have a license I’m wondering what kind of license do they have?
That’s why i give this casino 1 star on trust and fairness we have no idea if this casino is legit or not.
Without a license casino can do whatever they want without any rules.
Some casinos without licenses rigg their slots for example so the RTP will be more of a 50% instead of 96% and you see that they will just steal your money instead of creating a fair practice.



they have a sportsbook where you can place bets on. After you click you go to a website wo-sports.club and there you need to login so you can place bets.


weclub88 also offers e-sports betting so you can place bets on games like overwatch, lol, World of Warcraft and more.
However, after you click on the button you also get redirected to another website.


There is not much to tell about this casino it seems like they refer a lot of players to other sites.
I don’t trust them at all i see no licenses i see things from other websites.
I really want to talk with them to see if they can improve their casinos but for now it’s something I’m not satisfied about.

It’s one of the worst casinos I have ever seen I don’t recommend this casino at all.
If you are looking for a different Malaysian casino I suggest you to look somewhere else than this one.
Not that they are so bad but it seems like the whole casino is not finished and that they need more features or need to update their website.
I really think if they get a legit license update their website they could become a really great casino.

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