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UFC is one of the most entertaining sports out there with a lot of action and a sport where the underdog has more chance to win than on any other sport.
Thats, why it’s so much fun gambling on ufc events anyone can win and anybody, can lose.  The odds for Rhonda Rousey vs holly holm was +825 which means if you did a bet on holly holm you would get an 8x times to return on your bet.  WHICH IS CRAZYYYYYY! So that’s why if you know enough about MMA you can earn some big bucks with betting on ufc events.

There where plenty of people who watch youtube predictions and they bet on those fighters and they win because most of the time the one predicted by a MMA expert will win.
They mostly checkout, if a fighter has a weakness and the other fighter, can exploit it. If the chances are high then of course you will most likely win or at least most of the time you will win.

Where to bet on ufc?

betsafe is one of the best places to gamble on ufc fights.


On who should you bet on ?

it depends on each fight i watch almost every prediction including theweasle and DC predictions i listen to them all and depending on what makes sense the most.
Don’t go with the hype of a fighter think with logic. For example most wrestlers win instead of knockout artists and most fighters don’t have knockout power.
Think in what can a fighter do to win and is there a big chance he will or she will do so?
For example is it likely amanda nunes will win against Megan Anderson ? Megan has a great reach and if she points fight she can win the match. But what about nunes? How can she win?
She can take it to the ground and submit her since she is a black belt BJJ artist she also has ko power to knock megan out clean. So there is a big chance amanda will win the match since she can take it wherever she wants to.
But this is UFC and everything can happened ofcourse. And if there is a chance for a fighter to win and the odds are crazy off then you can also bet on one just in case there will be a upset.



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