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the short answer for this is no… Boxing causes far less injuries then MMA.
Let me explain this to you at mma you wrestle do submissions and you also use kicks, knees and you also do some boxing.
The gloves of MMA are far smaller then the big boxing gloves. At boxing there are many rules like you may not trow knees you cant wrestle.
And in boxing there are far less knockouts then at boxing. At mma you have the risk of more injuries then  just a head trauma.
You can for example break your arm during a submission or you can break your ribs while your opponent throws a body slam on you.
leg kicks are also a big problem with MMA which causes all sorts of knee problems later on.

is mma or boxing more dangerous?

MMA is for sure more dangerous than boxing at MMA there are almost no rules.
And boxing has been made more to protect a fighter your hands are more protected.
At MMA you can throw knees and there are even freak athletes who can throw flying knees which can cause skull damage on the opponent.
Even if MMA is one of the most entertaining sports out there we can’t deny the danger on such a sport as MMA.
You can see a lot of freaks accident like the one with Anderson silva against Chris Weidman he broke his leg right in de middle.
Those things can happen with mma but on boxing, there are more rules and if someone goes knockdown he can get up and continue his fight if he wants to. So yeah MMA is more dangerous but maybe MMA is more fun!
So if you are wondering if boxing is a safer option than MMA then sure go ahead and just do some boxing.

But what about getting punched to the face for a long duration of time? 

This is a different story of course everyone knows getting punched to the face can cause serious brain damage.
The best example of this is of course Mohammed Ali which is a very sad way to continue your life.
This is why it’s important to put your headgear on even if others will call you a sucker for it.
Your health is more important than the opinions of others don’t forget that!

Getting kneed to the face in MMA 
If you have wrestled a Lil bit then you know how many injuries you can get.
 Sometimes I got a knee to the face and well as you know it it’s not healthy to get a knee to the face.
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