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There it goes the most underrated UFC fighter on the roster Leon Edwards when he was scheduled to fight khamzat everybody just saw it as a sacrifice to the MMA gods.
But come on guys Leon is really good why think so bad of him? He has a 8 fight win streak so yeah why do you think he will lose now?
You can say ring rust you can say maybe the skills of the fighters have improved more than Edwards.   What I saw from Edwards is especially in the Nelson fight he is durable and if he got pressured he can deal with that.
Muhammed is a fantastic boxer but i think Edwards can keep the distance and throw some kicks on the outside and i also think that Edwards can pressure Muhammed and make him tired so he can create some real damage.

leon edwards

Leon mostly fights long and of course, if Belal can dodge his jabs he can counter them probably with a left hook to the FACE.
The path of victory for Leon is probably pressure pressure and more pressure he must throw kicks and keep the distance from the boxing of Belal.


I think after this one that you guys should stop underestimating Edwards not that Belal has no chance to win this is mma and everyone can lose.
I think Edwards will win by decision like most of his fights this will be a boring fight for the casuals. Or non-wrestling fans it will be a high-paced fight and there will be some grappling.
The stamina will be a bigger role than the skills of these fighters i really think Leon will throw some push kicks and leg kicks and he will probably create some pressure where Belal will be tired out.

66% Leon Edwards by decision

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