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These are the most famous MMA fighters around most of them come from the biggest organization UFC but of course, not all of them are!
Fedor, for example, has never been to the UFC and before the UFC became big there were fighters on PRIDE.
And not everyone is famous for being a great fighter some of them are famous for being pretty or funny.

Even some fighters are famous for youtube videos like Kimbo slice even he is not the best fighter out there he became famous for Youtube videos. These are only famous MMA fighters so no boxers only mixed martial artists.
If i forgot some names please let me know i will include them as soon as i can.
Let’s begin with the list of the most famous mma fighters out there.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Conor is the most famous MMA fighter on the planet if you fight him you will get famous yourself and you will receive a big payday.
There is also a big reason why Conor is so famous.  He predicted his own fights and it came true i mean who does that!?
And he fought legends Jode Aldo, Dustin Poirier, Max Holloway I mean come on those people alone are the best fighters in the UFC now.

Conor also boxed against Floyd Mayweather and he lost against him but also made him more famous. He lost the match but gained so much money in his fight. And not only that he also has proper twelve whiskeys which is a whiskey brand that made some decent money lately.


Instagram: 39 mill followers

Khabib Nurmagomedov


Khabib was famous before fighting Conor but after he fought against Conor his popularity really went off!
This undefeated MMA fighter has defeated everyone he ever faced. Khabib is not the most entertaining fighter out there but he is one of the best fighters ever.
Khabib is now retired after defeating Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje.

Khabib is so good at MMA this dude just said there is nobody left for this does not interesting for me anymore and well he is right he defeated everyone. The only guy we thought could be a challenge to Khabib was Tony Ferguson but he got destroyed by his last 2 opponents and he can only think about what Khabib would do to him.

Rhonda Rousey


rhonda rousey is the most famous female fighter who has ever fought. She had almost everyone in an armbar after she had lost against Amanda Nunes and Holly Holm things went worse for her but without a doubt is she the most famous one. Most people discredit the skills of rhonda rousey because her standup is not that great as most people thought but hello there are enough legendary fighters without good standup. Look at Damian Maia and Ben Askren i mean she is not the best female fighter out there but she was good really good.
She defeated fighters like Cat Zingano who defeated Amanda Nunes. Rhonda Rousey also defeated Miesha Tate who defeated Holly Holm.

I know MMA math doesn’t exist but you can’t deny how good Rhonda was at that time because she did defeat some great fighters.

Jon Jones

jon jones

Jon jones record is 26-1-0 but that one loss is a DQ for a rule which should be remove on the MMa rules the 9 to one elbow is a normal technique and not much stronger then a normal puch or elbow. Jon Jones is one of the greatest fighters out there that’s why he is so famous he is just really that good. And the people who he defeated damn Daniel Cormier is already one of the best fighters out there and he defeated old and new generations i mean not many people can say that. And i know he got popped on USADA and maybe he is doing something illegal but still he is one of the greatest ever.

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz is a badass he talks like a gangster and fights like a gangster that’s why people love to see him. He is one of those fighters who got really famous after fighting Conor McGregor.
He got the Conor fight just to talk shit after his fight CONOR YOU TOOK EVERYTHING I WORKED FOR YOUR #SS IS NEXT! And conor liked that! He thought well let’s fight then.
And Conor lost that fight but in the 2nd fight Conor won and took back his pride.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva was once considered the GOAT he dodged every punch and traped you like a spider. It was only after the Chris weidman fight he went downhill he got slower and slower.
He fought Israel adesanya and still was competitive wich means that his standup game is so good he can fight against one of the best kickboxers out there. That’s really impressive I mean not everyone can do that.

Isreal Adesanya

The last stylebender Adesanya! He came from kickboxing and went to MMA he has such a great personality and is a anime fan. Most times he does some anime references on his fights it’s so crazy and fun!  Most fighters are pretty boring and most times isreal is not boring let’s forget the romero fight.

Paige VanZant

Paige is one of the prettiest fighters out there and boy can she fight she is not just a pretty face. Unfortunately, she is not the best fighter out there but she is a decent fighter one of the other fighters who are famous for being pretty is, for example, the karate hottie Michelle Waterson. If you look on her Instagram you see half-naked pictures everywhere and well that is what people are looking for when they are watching her.

Jorge Masvidal

He is the current BMF title holder which is a fake belt and just made for fun.  But he became famous after he fought in a  Kimbo slice video.
He also has the same personality as Nate Diaz but a bit different.

Daniel Cormier

DC Cormier!! One of the best wrestlers on the UFC roster and he is a really nice guy. He is also an olympian this guy is on top of the food chain only losing to Stipe and Jon Jones.

Georges St-Pierre

GSP is on of the GOATs of MMA he has done it all he has around 10 title defenses got the welterweight and the middleweight belt.
He also has a really sportsmanship mentality he loves to win and compete and doesn’t seem like a person who likes to beat up people.
He was the perfect example of a great mixed martial artist and continues to be one of the best out there. And khabib and his father wanted to fight GSP because that because he is such of a great fighter.

Zabit magomedsharipov

Zabit is a new generation fighter and you can see why this dude can wrestle and his standup is  world-class not many fighters can say that.
Most are good on the ground or on the feet but it seems like Zabit can do both which is scary. The only weakness Zabit has shown us is his stamina his kicks and movement costs alot of energy.

Justin Gaethje

Who doesn’t know Justin he is a freak his fights are crazy he is crazy this dude is a great wrestler. But he doesn’t use is you know why? BECAUSE HE THINK IT’S BORING who does that?! Well, Justin Gaethje does his fights are beautiful and does some serious damage to his opponents. Lately, Justin Gaethje is fighting smarter and smarter his goal now is to become a champion instead of a reckless guy who just tries to have fun fights.

Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor is a great fighter in the heavyweight division and is one of those guys who never went to the UFC. He fought in other organizations and build up his name as one of the GOATS outside UFC. His first loss was to Fabrício and that was because of a triangle choke.

Chuck Liddell

chuck Liddell was an amazing knockout artist and was the first UFC superstar he even fought in PRIDE. I think it was their strategy to make him more popular by fighting in PRIDE. Eventually, UFC bought PRIDE and for some time the ufc had no real competition.
Chuck Liddell was the main attraction for the UFC and is one of the reasons why UFC could grow.

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar a WWE superstar was already famous for bieng a WWE superstar and went over to the UFC to talk with them and get a fight in the UFC and boy did he. He won the UFC heavyweight title fought frank Mirr fought Overeem fought Cain and he showcased his enomorous strength. The WWE has millions and millions of viewers and that’s how he got his fame most of his fans came with him to the UFC.


Kimbo Slice

Kimbo was a youtube star his fights were all over the internet everybody shared his videos.
At this time online fighting was not that popular and kimbo made it really popular.
Jorge Masvidal also became popular because he fought on the tapes of Kimbo slices Jorge however made a better transition to MMA than Kimbo. Kimbo had some serious problems when he did MMA he threw every punch with all of his strength and gassed out every second of the fight. And his wrestling game was crap as it could be but well he is much better then normal guys but not on the UFC level.
Kimbo had died recently 🙁 ah well he really helped made mma become mainstream.

Randy Couture

randy couture is a badass motherf#cker he fought at licht heavyweight and heavyweight and is a famous actor. He played in movies like the expendables even if it was a bad movie it made him even more famous.


Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen became really famous by talking trash that is how he got into his best fights. He also almost defeate Anderson silva in their fight he dominated silva for many rounds and he got caught on the last round with a submission which was so crazy to see.
This dude is the second-best trash talker in the ufc just behind Conor nowadays his job is just to talk about fights and fighters.



The most famous MMA fighter is

Conor McGregor, he has done it all he is extremely rich has fought the richest boxer. Every time Conor fights he gets more than a million PPV buys I mean almost nobody comes close to that number. That’s how famous Conor really is he is not a boring fighter some fighters are really boring but Conor is not one of them.

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