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I had a friend named Kevin who always dreamed of getting rich.
He has a job as a web designer and every time he was done with work he went to a casino to use his spare time there.
His favorite was playing the slot machine where he mostly got wins sometimes he even got 500+ dollars profit.
And every time he went to the casino he had a great feeling of getting somewhere with his life.

For most people, gambling is something that you can enjoy. But for Kevin this was more serious it was a way to escape reality.

How casinos make you addicted

“one more and then I will win mentality ” casinos mostly have a 51% or more chance to win the rest they payout so you have a feeling that you can win.
It doesn’t mean you can’t win big at the casino but it means that there is a reason why almost all casinos are big and have gold everywhere.
It’s because most players lose and they lose big. How they make you addicted is by letting you win some but lose more than you can win.
Of course, there are tactics at various games so your chances are bigger than normal.
And I suggest you do that before betting at casinos


How they pay others to lore you in

Let me be honest with you most sites and twitchers get paid to let you think that casinos make you rich.
In most cases this is not true most casinos make you broke because it’s not about making you rich but the casino’s owners rich.
This is why you need to be careful about how you play at casinos.
Betting on sports are the only thing I can think of where your odds are not being calculated.
But even on sports, your bets are calculated that’s why there are odds.
These odds are being calculated by sport experts based on the chances of each team or person winning the contest.
Sometimes they are really wrong for example on MMA when they go on with a fighter’s hype instead of their skills.
If this happens go on and bet! Because you will get the best chances to win some decent money there.


Winsome lose more

Casinos are completely calculated for you to win some and lose more.
The more you play the more your chances will drop.
The best way to win is to go big and go out fast depending on which game of course.

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