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why gambling should be legal?

gambling is something that can be destructive for some people however with enough knowledge you can enjoy gambling.
Gambling is like alcohol if you do it too much it can be something that destroys your life but if you don’t overdo it can be something very enjoyable.

It’s also a very bad practice to make things illegal in a country. I think it’s best for a country not to enforce things but to advise their own people.
Like alcohol it was illegal but people still kept drinking it and if you make it illegal things can go wrong.
Just like drugs if drugs was legal the government can regulate it and make it safer for the people to buy drugs.
Nowadays drugs is very dangerous because of cartels and drug dealers who mix drugs with cleaning powder and stuff like that.
The same with gambling if you make it illegal it will be something unregulated illegal gambling will pop out in the underworld.
Illigal fighting, illegal chicken fights, illegal blackjack and poker games a lot of fighting and a lot of scams will pop out everywhere.

And of course things like murder and stealing should be illegal gambling, alcohol, etc. should be legal and regulated.

why is gambling illegal

why is gambling illegal in some countries? Well simply because the government wants to earn money.. If gambling is not illegal too many people can exchange money without paying taxes.
And some governments want to protect their people from gambling some are even religious and see gambling as something like a sin. They see that banning gambling is a simple solution to protect their people from those evil casinos who bankrupt some of them. And this is ofcourse more a problem of education then a gambling problem. If you abuse something it can impact your life just like eating too much sugar.
If you eat too much sugar you can die from it! So why is gambling any different?
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