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The player places the same bet a total of three times on the specially designated sections. If the table is a minimum of € 10 then you place € 10, € 10, and $ 10. In total, this is € 30.00.

The player then receives three cards and these are completely personal and are not shared with other players. You are also not allowed to watch the cards of the other players at the table. You do not play against the bank or against the other players, but purely your own hand.

The player can now decide whether he wants a € 10 chip back or whether it says “Let It Ride”. And then the first € 10 bet remains. After this, the dealer will reveal one card that everyone can use with their own three cards in hand.

The player now has the option to take back € 10 or to leave it. After this, the dealer will turn over the last and 2nd card that everyone can use again. With these five cards, the player then makes his complete poker hand. The last € 10 chip always remains.


As with most casino games you often have options to play extra bonus games, the so-called “side bets”. These are also referred to as “sucker bets”. And here the casino always has a greater house edge.

At Let It Ride you can sometimes place the 5-Card Bonus Bet and/or the 3-Card Bonus Bet. You can lag behind by up to 40%. But because such a bet is often possible from € 1, many players do this for the extra excitement and high potential payouts.

The payout

Combination of 5 cards payouts:

Royal Flush 1000x
Street Flush 200x
Four of the same 50x
Full House 11x
Flush 8x
Street 5x
Three of the same 3x
Two 2x
Ten or better 1x


How to play?