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Francis ngannou is the favorite to win the championship belt from Stipe Miocic and without surprise!
He is beating everyone around it looks like he is cheating with his ridiculous power.
However, Stipe is confident he will win this match again with his wrestling and boxing skills.
So what can we say about this match?

Francis Ngannou has grown since their last match he can pace himself a lot better since the last time.
Alister Overeem got knocked out by an uppercut from Francis and Alister is an elite k1 striker.
Of course, everybody is afraid of the power punches from Francis he has been recorded to have the most powerful punches in the ufc he has more power than Tyrone Spong.
Of course it’s not all about the power it’s also about the skills to win the fight.


I’m 55% sure Francis will win the UFC heavyweight title he has improved since the last time.
Stipe has also has improved because of DC but I still think that Francis will knock out Stipe Miocic in round 1 or 2.



Francis win by KO

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what do other people say about this match?

Miocic Ngannou 2 odds

Francis ngannou is currently still the favorite to win this fight which is of course pretty crazy since stipe beat Francis the last time.
There is still a decent chance for the champion to win this fight if Ngannou didn’t work on his takedown defense and accuracy.
so the oddsmakers shouldn’t be all to high on Francis the last time stipe ducked a lot of punches from Francis.
and after Francis missed some punches stipe went and took Francis down.
without stamina francis has no power.

Odds: Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou
Fighter Open 1/21 1/27 2/24
Stipe Miocic +150 +137 +125 +125
Francis Ngannou -175 -164 -152 -152

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